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Simple Popup Newsletter WordPress plugin in English

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Simple Popup Newsletter WordPress plugin in English

The „Simple Popup Newsletter” is a WordPress plugin that I have developed to support the newsletter activity.

Download Simple Newsletter Plugin here..

The program manages the newsletter sign-ups and unsubscibtions with the help of a pop-up window. The pop-up window will appear at the top of the web page with an animation and it will be waiting for the visitor interaction.

Sending newsletters has always been a problem for me, because a web hosting requires sufficient bandwidth. The program may collect e-mail addresses in database, which could be administered by the admin panel. Text files can be exported in order to collect the current addresses. The export file of .txt extension lists the email addresses stored in the database. Each row represents an email address which is closed by a semicolon.

The Windows Live Mail application can also import the recipients by the .txt exported file. A CSV export option is also available for serious newsletter softwares. First column is the name, second is the email address of the current recipient in the CSV file.

The actual number of e-mail addresses and current status can be continuously updated. You can delete email address from the list if you check the box in the first column of its table row. To delete multiple email addresses and subscriber information, a number of possible side boxes could be checked. Then push the button on the right side for the deletion.

In the case of unsubscribtion you type your email address and click the unsubscribe button, the program deletes the record in the database table associated with the email address. So, if you re-export the list of e-mail addresses, the unsubscribed repicient’s e-mail address and name are no longer included. Consequently, the newsletter will no longer get to the mailbox for unsubscribed persons. That is why you should always update the list of recipients and then import them directly before sending them with the newsletter software.

• On the admin panel a checkbox can activate the pop-up window to show or not to display it.
You can set the number of milliseconds to wait for the pop-up window appearing.

• A significant URI can be given to display the pop-up window for unsubscribe. For example, „page_id = 2” parameter is shown in the browser bar when a page is loaded. This is a part of the expression or a parameter in the URL, that is why the program here knows on which page to display the pop-up window automatically, once the page has loaded in the browser.

• Language translation or the displayed texts in foreign language could be set in the admin panel.

• In WordPress posts or pages INPUT buttons can be placed in connection with a given subscribe and unsubscribe insert. Using square brackets, for example [unsubscribtion caption = „Newsletter Unsubscribe”]. As a result, a button labeled „Newsletter Unsubscribe” will be shown in a post or on a page in order to click for a popup window.

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